#PAXELSIFT 2019 DAY ONE - Hospital Ships, Spaceships and Best Friendships

Day one of PAX Australia 2019 is done and dusted here is everything we saw today!

October 11, 2019 8:05 PM
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We're back again with series four (can you believe it?) of PAXELSIFT our PAX Australia indie game video series.

We hit the Indie Showcase first up to check out all the winners selected this year as well as one of the biggest games on the internet these days.

If you want to follow along keep an eye out for the hashtag #PAXELSIFT on Facebook and #PAXELSIFT on Twitter .

Wayward Strand by Ghost Pattern

Wayward Strand is a sweet empathetic adventure game selected for the #PAXAUS Indie Showcase and Maize Wallin  & Jason Bakker from Melbourne's Ghost Pattern shared it with us!

Death Hall by Thomas Janson

🏃💀 DEATH HALL is a tough runner which rewards you with pushing through as fast as you can. It was selected for the PAX Australia Indie Showcase Thomas Janson spoke to Fi who asked how it felt!

Unpacking by Witch Beam

📦 🍴 The simple act of moving in together was the inspiration behind PAX Australia Indie Showcase winner Unpacking. If you love a zen organising video games you'll love what Wren Brier & Tim Dawson have assembled for you

Ring of Pain by Simon Boxer & Twice Different

🃏 In Ring of Pain you battle your biggest enemy in a procedurally generated dungeon crawler, your own MIND. Fi chats to Simon Boxer of Twice Different about his PAX Australia Indie Showcase winning game to learn more!

EXO ONE by Exbleative

⚫👽 PAX Australia Indie Showcase winner EXO ONE puts you at the helm of a transforming alien spacecraft as you explore planets and master gravity itself!  Here is developer Jay Weston from South Australia's Exbleative as he chats to Fi

Best Friend Forever by Starcolt

🐕💕 If you LOVE dogs and LOVE romancing those eligible singles, you're in for a treat when you play Starcolt 's Best Friend Forever, where you've got to win over both pup and owner! Here is Lucy Morris on the video game that took the internet by storm!

Join us again tomorrow and on Sunday for day two and day three of #PAXELSIFT 2019!

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