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Founded: September 2015
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SIFTER is an award winning video games publication that explores the politics, economics and societal impacts of the games industry in Australia and the world. Originally founded as a single interview podcast, SIFTER has expanded to include online features, news coverage, live streaming. Founded by journalists with a goal to find stories not covered by other outlets and learn about what it really takes to make a career in games.


Founded in 2015 as Pixel Sift by Gianni Di Giovanni, Scott Quigg and Mitchel Loh as a podcast that would embrace the best parts of on-demand podcasting with the high quality and discipline of professional radio production.

SIFTER's first publication was an interview and news analysis podcast which featured conversations with video game developers from Australia and around the world and quickly grew to become one of Australia's premiere independent video game publications winning the 2019 Australian Podcast Award in the Gaming Category.

In late 2019 SIFTER developed and released a second podcast, Mainstream, a video game review show that acts as a complimentary vertical to the indie and game production focus of the Lightmap.

In September 2021 as the team celebrated it's sixth anniversary, a new brand was developed called Sifter with a unique visual identity, and the original game developer interview podcast was renamed Lightmap.

In February 2022 a third podcast Walkthrough was launched helmed by Kyle Pauletto which breaks down the news and recaps the biggest developments


Lightmap is an Australian Podcast Award show that explores the creative process of making videogames and interactive media, and introduces you to the creators of some of the most highly anticipated games. Previously known as Pixel Sift. Established in 2015.

Mainstream is where you can find out what the SIFTER team think about some of the best new video games around. Is this game for you? Let us be your guide, with honest analysis and critique and find out what you'll have the most fun with.

Walkthrough is a weekly news show, recapping the biggest updates, new releases and controversies. On Walkthrough the SIFTER team explain what you need to know to keep up to date.


Winner: "Gaming Podcast" at the Australian Podcast Awards 2019
Finalist: "Best Gaming Coverage" at the Australian IT Journalism Awards 2020
Finalist: "Gaming Publication of the Year" at the Australian Games Awards 2018
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