Day One Recap - 2017 PAX Australia - #PAXELSIFT

We're back for another year of PAX Australia coverage with #PAXELSIFT! Join us as we recap everything we saw on Day One of the convention.

October 27, 2017 8:00 PM
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We're back at PAX Australia again for 2017, and we're excited to bring you updates from the PAX Rising indie floor featuring the talented developers of Australasia! Here are the highlights from our first day of the convention.

Brief Battles - Juicy Cupcake


Party Crashers - Giant Margarita


The Gardens Between - The Voxel Agents


Hand of Fate 2 - Defiant Development


Collateral Damage - Artisans Games


Projection - Shadowplay Studios


ELDEN: Path of the Forgotten - ONERAT Games


Necrobarista - Route 59 Games


City of Brass - Uppercut Games


RUMU - Robot House


Stay tuned for more great coverage from the PAX Australia floor from Day Two and Day Three !

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