Day Three Recap - 2017 PAX Australia - #PAXELSIFT

We've been smashing out interviews left right and centre and we present to you, PAXELSIFT DAY 3. Enjoy!

October 29, 2017 8:00 PM
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Well we've had a blast covering PAX Australia again for 2017, and while we've been working flatout, we've still got some great interviews to bring you from the final day. Let's jump in shall we? Head here for Day One and Day Two of #PAXELSIFT

Chromalocity - Wrecked Angle Studios


Aura of Worlds - Cognitive Forge


Forts - EarthWork Games


Sky Noon - Lunar Rooster


22 Series Racing World Championship - GOATi Entertainment


Putty Pals - Harmonious Games


Hyper Jam - Bit Dragon


Spin Rhythm - Super Entertainment


That's it for another year of PAXELSIFT. We can't wait to bring you further conversations with Australasian Indie developers between now and PAXAUS 2018!

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