Day One Recap - 2016 PAX Australia - #PAXELSIFT

All the interviews from Day one of PAX Australia 2016, Friday November 4th 2016

November 4, 2016 8:00 PM
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It's one of the biggest dates on the Australian gaming calendar, and we're here all weekend interviewing indie game developers to find out what their games are all about and what it took for them to get here. You can follow #PAXELSIFT on our Twitter and Facebook accounts to see everything!

Lets jump into day one from PAX Australia 2016!

Dismantle Construct Carnage - Great Helm Games


Mallow Drops - Gritfish (John Kane)


Goblins of Elderstone - Lost Goblin


Stellar Shift - Bit Bunny Games


Harvest - Studio Zero (Will Mesilane)


ELDEN: Path of the Forgotten - ONE RAT GAMES


Element - Flightless


The Incredible Journey of You and I - Shy Kids Club


Thwart Geo - Outback Pixels


That's just the first batch of interviews from the weekend why not head over to #PAXELSIFT 2016 Day Two (or #PAXELSIFT 2016 Day Three) now to continue your journey!

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