Potluck 9.0: Birds, Beers and Free Video Games

Download a free collection of bird themed games created for Perth's Potluck Collective by talented indie developers.

August 13, 2019 9:00 AM

If you happen to love both birds and video games, then Potluck Collective’s latest free collection might be exactly what you’re looking for, with five bird themed games available to download now for free on Itch.io.

Potluck is part game jam, part party, part playtest and their most recent event HONK HONK HONK was held on the 27th July that celebrated all things birds.

Potluck Collective was founded by Sof Mather, Colton Onderwater and Bob Hayden and was created as a way to encourage creativity and experimentation by bringing creative communities together.

Potluck Collective during the night

Some of the games featured include Birbforce described as ‘dogfight with other birds in a park while pooping on as many living things’, Bin ChickaneryA playful platformer visual novel about anarchy and bin chickens’, and EMU QWOP which is pretty plainly “A remix of QWOP with Emus!” 

Sof Mather says that Potluck Collective is about bringing people together,  and also gives game developers an opportunity to be creative outside of their long term projects. 

“[Potluck] provides deadlines to finish or to start projects that might get put off too long and can help to pull people out of tunnel vision projects for a little bit,” said Mather.

Potluck Collective House

The theme for each event is different and is a collaborative team effort to foster that videogame houseparty vibe with custom decorations and microbrewed beers for that unique flavor. 

Mather says that this mixed media event is full of collaborations, playfulness and new friendships.  

“ [Potluck] Acknowledges the potential of videogames as a creative artistic medium and form of expression and on a personal level I hope Potluck continues to inspire me to walk to the beat of my own drum and to unapologetically explore my creative self.”
Screenshot from Macawkus Rawkus

The informal nature of Potluck Collective has also led to some free thinking, and Colton Onderwater said that he is most proud of. 

“Just how excited and into it the Perth dev community is, also just the general shape of Potluck and how it gives creatives permission to make informal art, just for the joy of creating it, which often gets lost especially in game development.”

You can find out more information about Potluck over on their Facebook page to see their upcoming events!

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