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Want to think deeply about the games you play? Check out these panels at PAX Australia 2023

One of our favourite things about PAX is the insights and intelligent discussions and here are our picks for next week's showoppin

September 29, 2023 2:30 PM

If you've listened to any of SIFTER's podcasts you'll know we love a well considered conversation about games.

PAX Australia is a great opportunity to check out some of the smartest people in games and have them talk for you about something they are passionate about, what a dream.

With just under a week until the three day convention kicks off here are our picks for the show.


  • Barbengamer: pinkwashing in games - 3:00 PM -  4:00 PM - Galah Theatre - Dr Megan Pusey and Dr Mahli-Ann Butt are your guides to the good, the very bad and all things girls and games. Particularly interesting if you're keen to learn more about the history of nineties Barbie video games.
  • RETROFUTURES: Current State of Chiptune - 4:30 PM -  5:30 PM - Galah Theatre - Chiptune isn't just video game music, but it's history is intertwined and diverse. Some great musos sit down with Ruby Innes to get the lay of the beeps and bloops.
  • Fireside with Mick Gordon - 5:00 PM -  6:00 PM - Twitch Quokka Theatre - Speaking of music, Mick Gordon has to be one of Australia's hidden gems when it comes to international acclaim. The DOOM composer is great to listen to and this promises to be really interesting.
  • The Pixel Hearts: Untitled Romance Panel - 9:00 PM -  10:00 PM - Galah Theatre - They say that love is game and if you love those character romances and real life love affairs you won't want to miss the Pixel Hearts, who return to PAX Aus for another year.


  • The Writers' Room - 11:30 AM -  12:30 PM - Fruitbat Theatre - Anthony Sweet, Ally McLean, Ella Lowgren and Daniel McMahon share their narrative expertise on the stage with tips to start writing your game's story.
  • Press X to SCIENCE - 12:30 PM -  1:30 PM - Kookaburra Theatre - Can you believe that Megan, Phill, and Tim have been bringing their sciencey show to PAX Aus for a decade? It's incredibly fun and nerdy look at how games and science intersect.
  • ‘I am sworn to carry your burdens’: the ultimate videogame companion ranking. - 8:30 PM -  9:30 PM - Fruitbat Theatre - Who doesn't love a tierlist and as Ruby, Ally Chloe and Steph finally give us their top in game companions. I'd give it to any that run as fast as my character personally.


Got a favourite we've missed? Get in touch with us on our socials

PAX Australia runs from Friday 6th of October to Sunday 9th of October 2023 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibitions Centre.

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