Sean Gabriel & Travis Avery (DESYNC), customisation vs story & frustum culling frustration

Jump into this synthwave shooter designed for score attack and emulates competive online shooters for a singleplayer environment.

April 28, 2017 9:00 AM
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This week Pixel Sift is joined by Travis Avery and Sean Gabriel from THE FOREGONE SYNDICATE, and they spoke to us about their latest game DESYNC. A set in digital world laced with neon and classic 80s style geometry DESYNC forces players to think on their feet be quick on the trigger and more importantly, improvise.


We’re also tackling the “Frustum Culling” conundrum. Last week when Kotaku gave their readers a peek under the hood of PS4 flagship title Horizon Zero Dawn they included a GIF that demonstrated how Frustum Culling works, and it’s fair to say people were fascinated by the process. However some indie developers were quick to flippantly point out that the technique is neither new nor unique and that a big deal was being made out of nothing. We’ll be chatting about the nuts and bolts that make up games behind the scenes and whether or not more or less of this sort of discussion needs to happen between developers and players.

Games mean different things to different people, but interactivity is one thing that games do better than most other mediums. But does giving players too many choices, limit story telling potential? Is it better to have a tailor narrative experience or let the players make the story for themselves? Also Scott says something that may have ended his podcasting career…

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