Seasonal Events, Self identity in games, and fan backlash

Is gaming the reason for the season for you? We talk all about seasonal events in Destiny and other games and when developers introduce microtransactions after promising not to.

October 29, 2015 9:00 AM
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If you are like many Australians, the thought of Halloween might give you some cultural cringe. While Aussies have been slow to adopt what is seen as an American tradition, the games we play are global and games such as World of Warcraft and Destiny are holding in game events. We look at what in game events do for the player who is coming back to games week after week.


We also talk about how identity and expression plays out in video gaming. Recently Sony has queried players about an option to change your Playstation Network ID, and we starting thinking about how much of your gaming identity is woven into the name you choose. Do you identify your gamertag or username or do you keep it separate from your real name and personality? Is it safe or wise to do so?

Finally we look at when fans get up in arms, and there is a backlash against the company making the game. OVERKILL developers of the popular multiplayer game Pay Day 2, copped some flak from angry but passionate players this week after introducing what was seen as micro-transactions and gated content into their game. Gamers have gotten things changed in the past when vocal campaigns reach the ears of those in charge, but are these people in the minority?

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