Sam Izzo (Resynth), licence liquidation & the value of “Game of the Year”

Step sequence puzzler Resynth is our feature and developer and musician Sam Izzo joins us this week to talk all about it.

January 12, 2017 11:35 AM
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Starting off this week we talking licensed games. When games are made in the wake of a major movie or comic book property there is time limit in which the properties in question are able to appear in the game. When the time runs out these tittles much be pulled from their market places. Unfortunately for a number of Activision games their licences have changed hands and these games can no longer be found.


We first heard of Sam Izzo last year when he constructed the brilliant “No Mario Sky” now he and Andrew Trevillian are back. They go by the name of Polyphonic LP now and they have created a game called Resynth. Resynth combines the strength on puzzles and music to create gaming harmony.

Every year ends with every major gaming outlet on the net naming their game of the year. Whether this adds credibility to the games that earn them has stirred up some debate among the Pixel Sift crew. But with so many different titles all wearing the badge proudly has the honour been watered down too far?

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