Jacob Janerka (Paradigm), E3 2016 wrap up & video game film adaptations

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June 17, 2016 9:00 AM
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This week we speak to a master of animated gifs, Jacob Janerka. He’s a talent artist and designer and he’s working on his first game Paradigm, inspired by the weird and wonderful point and click adventure games made by Lucasarts and Sierra. We spoke about the challenges of making a game by yourself and the freedoms a one person dev team can bring. You can find more information about Paradigm over at where you can download a demo right now.

It’s one of the biggest events in gaming of the year and this year’s E3 was no different. We dive into the big announcements, some of the missteps, and pretty average justifications for decisions from the biggest developers.

Finally today with a massive desire from the film industry for new stories, video games are being optioned to be made into feature films at a blistering rate. We explore when this has been done well, and when games fall far short of expectations.

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