Maize Wallin & Jason Bakker (Wayward Strand) & Is Kickstarter busting union efforts?

A story set in a floating hospital ship in 1970s rural victoria, Wayward Strand is a game that's all about empathy.

September 23, 2019 5:10 PM
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Maize Wallin (Sound Designer and Audio Programmer) and Jason Bakker (Writer and Producer) from Ghost Pattern join us to talk about their latest project Wayward Strand. Wayward Strand is an empathetic narrative game where players explore multiple story lines playing out simultaneously on an airborne hospital ship in 1970s Australia. It was recently selected as the one of the PAX Australia indie showcase winners for 2019, this point and click adventure game is designed for players who don't always interact with video games.

Former employees of the popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter have accused the company of retaliatory firing over unionisation efforts within the company. Clarissa Redwine and Taylor Moore were both core union organisers and were let go from the company.  Many indie games developers and creators have publicly shown their support for these employees and unionisation and stand in solidarity with their efforts.

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Wayward Strand

Ghost Pattern
Ghost Pattern
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January 1, 2022

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