Aladar Apponyi (Eatvolve) & Audiences make gaming better

Chomp your way to the top in Eatvolve by Melbourne's Aladar Apponyi, and how hard games with an audience are better than hard games on their own.

August 24, 2018 9:00 AM
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Aladar Apponyi joins us from Melbourne to talk about his game Eatvolve, the "eat em up" platformer that has players take charge of a base level lifeform climbing its way up the food chain by consuming different animals and stealing their abilities. We learn what its like moving to solo development after working at Team Bondi and the future of the game.

Patrick Klepek at Waypoint wrote an interesting article this week on how playing games for an audience makes challenging and stressful games more enjoyable. From the arcade, to the couch, to streams with large heaps of watchers, they performative aspect of gaming isn't new, but it's definitely an ever increasing trend.

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