2 Minutes in Space – John Passfield’s space games for Apple Watch

Small and satisifying games for a tiny screen, Kepler Attack and Star Warp are designed to be played on your wristwatch.

September 9, 2019 9:30 AM

Sometimes a limitation can be one of the best inspirations for creativity and a game designed to be played on a screen the size of a postage stamp has been one of my favourite game experiences.

John Passfield previously worked at Krome Studios (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger) and has developed a series of space shooters specifically for the limited screen real estate of your wrist.

Kepler Attack is a space shooter where you turn the crown of the Apple Watch to rotate your ship around the screen in a circle as waves of enemies spawn across the edges.

Star Warp which released this week is the follow up and plays more like 1942 or the arcade shooters of the 1980s or the 1990s scrolling left and right, with simplified Star Wars style aesthetic.

Both of these games can be played on iPhone but they are best on the Apple Watch, where the only gameplay interaction is turning the crown.

It’s perfect for playing when you don’t have access to other games and great for little moments of time, like play a couple of rounds while on a plane in aeroplane mode or waiting for the bus.

You can pick up Kepler Attack and Star Warp now on the Apple App store, and the next game in the series which has an Asteroids-like vector aesthetic should be out soon.

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