This is the scene in LAKE which saw the game initally refused classification in Australia before being reclassifed R18+

Won't Someone Think of the Children?! Why Australia Bans Games

Why a single drag on a joint was enough to see narrative game LAKE refused classification in Australia, the latest in a long line of effective videogame bans.

October 9, 2021 11:30 AM

It is well-known amongst both developers and players that Australia has one of the most onerous and hardline classification systems in the world.

From AAA titles including FALLOUT 3 to indies including DISCO ELYSIUM and most recently SLUDGE LIFE and LAKE, there are a significant number of titles that run into release problems under our current classification guidelines.

In this PAX Australia 2021 panel, we'll explore how the videogames classification system works, the impact of interaction on classification, we'll look at the history of games that have been refused classification and pose the question - isn't it time our videogames classification system was overhauled?

Screenhub's Jini Maxwell, Freeplay's Chad Toprak and ACMI's Arieh Offman joined SIFTER's Gianni Di Giovanni for this fun discussion .

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