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STRAY GODS: THE ROLEPLAYING MUSICAL's genre innovation is an acquired taste

We speak to two reviewers and find out where they land on this blockbuster indie hit on our podcast Drop Rate

August 14, 2023 3:35 PM

Musical theatre isn't to everyone's tastes, and neither is STRAY GODS: THE ROLEPLAYING MUSICAL, the highly anticipated debut release from Australian indie team Summerfall Studios.

Twisting Greek Mythology into a modern day tale of existentialism with songs, Stray Gods follows Grace, a young woman suddenly thrust into godhood - all while being framed for murder.

With big names adorning the game's credits, like David Gaider (Dragon Age), Laura Bailey (The Last of Us, Critical Role), and Austin Wintory (Journey), expectations were sky-high. As it turns out, the pioneering interplay of interactive fiction and musical theatre proved to be as divisive as the very medium it's inspired by.

Our review found plenty to like in Stray Gods, even for self-proclaimed musical avoiders. There's been a wonderfully diverse range of opinions on the locally made game, highlighted by the latest episode of Drop Rate, SIFTER's review podcast.

Christie McQualter (GamesHub) and James Wood (WellPlayed) joined the show to discuss their nuanced perspectives on a game that will divide opinions.

Narratively and thematically, Stray Gods resonates deeply, and the on-screen representation shines through the diverse talent behind the game. Musically, however, is where Stray Gods lands inconsistently.

A copy of STRAY GODS: THE ROLEPLAYING MUSICAL on PC was provided to SIFTER for the purpose of this review.

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Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

PlayStation 5
Summerfall Studios
Humble Games
Release Date:
August 10, 2023

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