Say it with a game: HEART2GAME custom video game messages

If you ever wanted to have a custom game for a loved one, HEART2GAME might be just what the "love doctor" ordered.

August 7, 2018 9:00 AM

Video games have been used by hobbyists and game developers to share special messages with the important people in their life, but a new service by Sydney’s aims to make sending a heartfelt video game message as easy as buying a card.

Jackson Frew, Director of Amelus Digital, said that originally started as a way for people to make romantic games for their loved ones, but has recently expanded out to include all special occasions.

“I first made a custom game for a previous girlfriend, and thought this was a great idea to expand upon,” said Frew.

“We didn’t want to feel pidgeonholed just making romantic games, so we’ve developed a framework that allows us to built whatever the customer would like.”

Our intrepid hero Scott collecting quotes and facts for a podcast episode.

The gameplay lasts around 30 minutes from start to finish, and the game can be a platformer, first person shooter, visual novel and more.

“Each game we completely rewrite the narratives, and spend time making something custom for that person.”

“We put in more effort than just renaming characters and changing the items, we want it to be a unique experience.”

You can download & play Mitch & Scott’s Adventure, a demo built by Amelus Digital here, which features the Pixel Sift team on a short quest!

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