Pixel Sift Plays: Hunt 'N Sneak with James Koehne

It's a dark and spooky fantasy game of hide and seek, and we sat down with one of the creators, James Koehne to see who was the best at being hidden!

April 27, 2019 9:00 AM
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Alright pixies time to get your sneak on, in Hunt 'N Sneak by Pixel Engineers which is out now on Steam!

James Koehne from Pixel Engineers joined us this week to play this asymmetric multiplayer game of hide and seek in a rich fantasy setting.

We first spoke to James in Episode 104 of the podcast so head to your podcast player of choice to learn more about how the team made the game.

This copy of Hunt 'N Sneak was provided to us for to purpose of creating this video.

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