Trans Witches are Witches bundle raises US$242,000 for trans and gender diverse creators

Feel the magic in the air with this big itch bundle filled with physical and digital games.

February 15, 2023 12:15 PM

A group of trans indie creators have shared in US$242,372.10 (approximately A$359,776.19) raising money as part of the"Trans Witches are Witches" bundle on Itch started in response to some pretty well documented issues surrounding Hogwarts Legacy.

Collecting 69 different physical and video games, zines and more from 56 different creators, the bundle closed yesterday with the campaign smashing their US$192,000 goal, with each contributor sharing equally in the proceeds.

Some of our favourites include cute pastel skateboarding game MAGIC TRICK, a tarot card based battler TAROT: THEO'S QUEST which has incredible 8-bit style.

The sister bundle called the "Apprentice Edition" raised US$26,478.12 of that total, which was offered at a discounted price for people who are experiencing financial hardship.

Screenshots (L-R): Crystal Control II by Virtually Competent, Casting Hearts by npckc, Wizard School Woes by Jane Titor, You are a Wizard by Heather Flowers, Tarot: Theo's Quest by Appa's Papas and Magic Trick by L8r Sk8rs Team

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