Jordan Mays "Elfishguy" & Brandon Langiano "Raven" on how to level up to competitive esports

Do you want to play games professionally? Elfishguy and Raven can give you some pointers on how to make it in esports

April 23, 2020 9:53 AM

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Across the world esports are really taking off, as traditional sporting codes aren't able to take to the field or they convert their physical competitions to online play.

Casters Jordan Mays "Elfishguy" & Brandon Langiano "Raven" star in a new season of Red Bull Response and they've already noticed some big increases.

"If I were to talk from my own personal experiences I've noticed a lot of newer people coming in, and watching our broadcasts and we've had pretty crazy record broadcast numbers and right now," said Mays.

"Just in the gaming sphere most of the actual games right now are hitting record player bases and concurrent players and that kind of thing so there is no doubt that it's helping but I'm not sure that it's going to be that instant fix or that moment that turns everyone away from sports and brings them to esports."

Jordan Mays "Elfishguy" (SUPPLIED)

With professional racing drivers like Chaz Mostert taking part in online Supercars series, Darren Quan, President of the Australian Esports Association, said in an interview with the ABC that some esports events have increased in viewership by 3000%.

High School and University leagues form the initial path for many players looking to become professional esports athletes, and Brandon Langiano said it's not about how quickly you can "click heads" it's all about checking your ego at the door.

Brandon Langiano "Raven" - Ken Leanfore / Red Bull Content Pool
"At the end of the day it doesn't actually matter how skilled you are, if your mindset or your ego is at a point of weakness, so if you're not taking on feedback or not watching your matches back because you're overconfident in your abilities then you are really limiting what you can achieve," said Langiano.

"If you're really highly skilled but you easily get frustrated and get tilted and then just stop talking to your teammates for example in a match,well that's going to cost you a game anyway."

You can watch the first episode of Red Bull Response featuring Raven below, with episode 2 out later today.

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