Indie developers support Palestinians in Gaza with huge fundraising games bundle

Support developers who are donating their games to raise money for Palestinians impacted by warfare

June 5, 2021 9:00 PM
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The unfolding humanitarian disaster in Gaza and Palestine in which more than 250 Palestinians were killed by Israeli airstrikes numbering in the hundreds has left devastation across the occupied territories.

Countless more people are without shelter as residential buildings were targeted by the Israeli military that they say are in response to rocket strikes that have killed 13 Israelis.

Alanna Linayre is the co-founder of Toadhouse Games, and the organiser of a massive donation drive to support the United Nations Relief and Works Agency Gaza Emergency appeal.

The indie game bundle features 1,020 items from 865 different creators with US$5 minimum price, including Liyla and the Shadows of War which is game based on the real stories of living in Gaza.

Last year the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality organised by directly raised US$8,149,814.66.

The bundle runs for six more days and aims to raise US$500,000 for the cause.

SUPPORT the Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid on here

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