IGEA report reminds Federal Government that video games need their support

Don't you forget about us says IGEA as Australia heads towards the next federal election.

December 16, 2018 9:00 AM

The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) have issued a report into the Australian video game development industry calling on the Federal Government to support this industry or see it be left behind.

Drawing on the recommendations handed down from the Senate select committee into the video game industry "Game On: More than just playing around" which was delivered  in January this year, the IGEA reiterates the need for a tax offsets, direct funding, infrastructure and trade support in order for Australian game developers to compete.

Storm Boy: The Game is an adaptation of the classic Australian children's book developed by Sydney's Blowfish Studios.

IGEA video game industry policy recommendations
• Reinstate the Australian Interactive Games Fund and provide support of $40 million over four years
• Provide a 30 per cent refundable tax offset for video game development
• Provide strategic funding and support for cultural, educational and serious games
• Provide additional funding and support for game developers, such as to: Provide assistance for shared working spaces, Establish a regional innovation hub, Review taxation of crowd-sourced funding, Review Export Market Development Grants, Review Research & Development tax incentives
Paperbark by Melbourne's Paper House is highlighted in the IGEA report as an example of games with Australian cultural value.

The Government took 642 days to respond to the senate inquiry and noted the majority of the recommendations put forward by the Environment and Communications Reference Committee in January 2018.

Australian developers criticised the Government's response when it was delivered, according to Kotaku.

In a released media statement IGEA CEO Ron Curry said that there was a strong potential for the industry and that this report laid out clear policy plan as Australia heads towards the next federal government election.

“This document has been designed to be a clear and pragmatic set of recommendations following ongoing and detailed consultation with our members and the broader industry. As we head into the next federal election cycle, we have launched this document to ensure that there is absolute clarity on what focused investment is needed to support industry development," said Curry.

You can listen to our discussion about the government response to the senate inquiry in Episode 89 of the podcast: Matthew Clark (The Gardens Between) & the Aus Senate inquiry into game development.

Support for co-working spaces like AIE's GamePlus in Canberra & Adelaide is another recommendation. Source: GamePlus Facebook Page
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