Matt Kelly (Molemen Must Die!) & Valve opts out of moderation on Steam

The president is mad about something and he's gone for the nuclear option, luckily Matt Kelly is here from Mokomoto to talk us through it.

June 8, 2018 9:00 AM
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Matt Kelly from Mokomoto joins us all the way from Japan to talk to us about his latest game Molemen Must Die. Matt spoke to us about how his team achieved Molemen’s unique new style retro look as well as the advantages and the culture of developing games in Japan. You can also check out Pixel Sift Plays: Molemen Must Die! to see a little bit of the game or you can find out more information here: Molemen Must Die! on Steam 


Last month, developers of "adult" visual novel style games were told out of the blue that their games would need to be changed in order to stay in the catalog of the popular online store Steam. This week Valve released a statement addressing the concerns that some developers have voiced over curation of the store, with many hoping it would clear up some of the questions they had about Valve's position on moderation. With some developers expressing their willingness to move their games to other delivery platforms, does Valve's inconsistent application of policies and backflips give players and developers the clarity they've been looking for? 

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