Mike Blackney (Dead Static Drive) & cheating in games

It's described as Grand Theft Cthulhu by its creator and we're digging it. Come for a cruise down the highway with our guest Mike Blackney and keep an eye out for monsters.

April 13, 2018 9:00 AM
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Mike Blackney the developer of the highly anticipated road trip survival game Dead Static Drive is our guest this week. Dead Static Drive draws heavily on nostalgic classic americana, with drop of monster movie chucked in for good measure. We asked him about how it felt to leave his stable teaching job to become a full time game developer, what inspired the style of the game, and what sort of response he wanted players to have. Dead Static Drive is currently in development and you can check out our first impressions of the game at PAX Australia 2016 here


We're also talking about cheating in games, with a great video by Wrestling With Gaming about the history of the Game Shark and Game Genie cheat devices bringing back memories of cheat codes scribbled in the back of manuals. Why do people cheat in games, is it ok, and what happens when they take their cheating tendencies online? Thanks to 

Thanks to original sifter James Morrison for jumping onto the show this week to take the hosting duties. 

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