Tim Bermanseder (Witch Thief) & archiving extinct online games

It all started with a Witch, Tim Bermanseder of Cardboard Keep shares with us his upcoming magical bullet (spell?) hell game Witch Thief!

March 16, 2018 9:00 PM
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This week as we are joined by Tim Bermanseder, a Director and Technical Artist at Cardboard Keep, the studio behind Witch Thief. Witch Thief combines a fun magical girl art style with the chaotic projectile dodging action. Tim went into detail about what it took to bring such a game to life, and how it all started with a Witch.


The game preservationists at the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE), are leading the charge to preserve servers and other digital spaces,from falling into obscurity, all in the name education and study. However the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), is pushing back against this idea, saying that this allow easy theft of valuable IP and copyrighted content. How do games fit between historical objects and saleable products?

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