Travers Dunkinson (HEIST) + Domestic Violence In Games

Travers Dunkinson of Melbourne's Atomizer Games joins us this week to talk all about his stealth cat burglar game, HEIST.

December 9, 2017 9:00 AM
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Travers Dunkinson one of the minds behind HEIST, a game where you play as a cat burglar stealing your way through a noir style city with only non-lethal gadgets to defend yourself joined us for our final live episode for 2017. 

The trailer for Detroit Become Human has sent shock waves through mainstream media. Many news outlets quick to cast judgment on the subject of the gameplay footage. But could this be games as a medium graduating to more hard hitting and challenging stories? Or have Quantic Dream gone too far? Pixel Sift understands that this topic will be confronting for some listeners, if you would not like to hear this segment please feel free to skip ahead to 14:53 to jump right into our interview with Travers Dunkinson.

If you or someone you know is struggling with domestic abuse please contact these family support services.1800 Respect national helpline: 1800 737 732 Women's Crisis Line: 1800 811 811 Men's Referral Service: 1300 766 491 Lifeline (24 hour crisis line): 131 114 Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277


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