Ed Orman (City of Brass) + neural networks, AI & gaming

Ed Orman from Uppercut Games joined us to discuss his latest game, City of Brass, a Rogue-lite FPS that pays tribute to the Arabian Knights tale of the same name.

November 11, 2017 8:07 AM
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Ed Orman from Uppercut Games joined us to discuss his latest game, City of Brass, a Rogue-lite FPS that pays tribute to the Arabian Knights tale of the same name. Armed with a scimitar and “the most versatile whip ever created” you slash and crack your way through a procedurally generated world filled with traps, treasure and ghoulish foes. We spoke to him about the inspiration behind the game as well as the challenges of procedural generated level development. Available now on Steam early access.


Taking a looking at the remarkable programmer SethBling‘s latest creation, MariFlow, we dive into the world of Neural Networks to see what would happen if such systems were applied to gaming AI. More than just simply refining and improving upon NPCs in future video games, this form of AI has the potential to aid and even pioneer game development. What does the future hold for artificial neural networks and games?

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