Ian Gregory (Masquerada: Song & Shadows) & esports on Australian TV

Ian Gregory, Creative Director at Singaporean based Witching Hour Studios, speaks to us this week about his newest project Masquarada: Songs and Shadows.

August 5, 2017 8:21 AM
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Ian Gregory, Creative Director at Singaporean based Witching Hour Studios, speaks to us this week about his newest project Masquarada: Songs and Shadows. Ian shared this thoughts on the struggles of developing a game in a country that is just getting its head around the idea of games being a positive influence and proving to the world Singapore’s creative strength.


With the immense popularity of competitive gaming on online streaming and networks such as ESPN in the states. Australian free to air commercial television network Channel 7 wants in on the action by broadcasting competitive Overwatch during the show ScreenPLAY. But was the audience for this sort of content there to watch it, or have they already moved away from Television entirely?

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