Nick Smith (Forts), G2A 💔 Gearbox & Persona 5 Streaming and Intellectual Property

Build higher and stronger in Forts by Brisbane's EarthWork Games, a vertical real time strategy game.

April 14, 2017 9:00 AM
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We had a great time on the show with Brisbane based developer Nick Smith. Nick is the lead art director at EarthWork Games and he joined us to talk Forts. Forts is a 2D base fortification & assault game, finely crafted by an experienced team. Nick took questions from us and the viewers on Twitch.


With the much anticipated Persona 5 finally on on the shelves many fans were raring to dive into the JRPG. But the western release came with a warning from publisher Atlus, not to spoil plot points of the game. While a perfectly reasonable request it also came with rather aggressive threats of DMCA takedowns and content ID strikes. Streamers have reacted one of two ways, steering their content well away from the series or openly defying the Atlus’s warning and  streaming the game anyway.

Steam key reselling service G2A has found itself in hot water again this time with former partner Gearbox Software. The row has resulted in a very public split and war of words between the two companies with neither backing down anytime soon.

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