Andrew Freeth (Brief Battles), exclusivity effect & games that endure

Pull on your comfy underdacks and join us for a fun chat with Andrew Freeth of Adelaide's Juicy Cupcake.

March 31, 2017 9:00 AM
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We started off episode 67 this week with a look into gaming history and how StarCraft has gripped its dedicated community for the better half of two decades. With an HD remake of the classic version recently announced we try to figure out just how this RTS had stayed in vogue when so many other games have faded away into the digital annals of time.


Andrew Freeth joined us live from South Australia to give us the details on his new game Brief Battles. Brief Battles is studio Juicy Cupcake’s first shot at a commercial release, featuring a cast of quirky characters with even quirkier power doing battle over a number of interactive 2D battle ground.

Lastly we’ll be talking about an idea we have dubbed the “exclusivity effect”. Inspired a post by reddit user Commodore256 we try to analyse the effect that platform exclusive titles have on the people that faithfully buy into the likes Halo and Zelda Breath of the Wild. Mitch definitely had some thoughts about his PS4 and Horizon Zero Dawn.

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