Justine Colla (A Township Tale), US travel ban & games and Steam Direct

Join us as we speak to Justine Colla of Alta as she tells us all about their new multiplayer VR sandbox game A Township Tale.

February 17, 2017 11:00 AM
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This week we’re joined by Justine Colla, she’s from Alta and is making the immersive social game A Township Tale. Justine told us all about how society works in a VR world, what happens when players enforce the rules and what Alta can do if people get into each other’s personal space. A Township Tale will be shown at GDC on 27 February to 3 March 2017


Speaking of GDC, a number of developers may not be able to attend the conference this month due to the US Travel ban which has been put in place by executive order. We look at how the travel ban is impacting the gaming world, from eSports visas and the people who make games.

Finally Valve is shaking up the way that it puts games onto it’s Steam platform. The Steam Greenlight process is going away, and a new system Steam Direct will be replacing it, which charges a fee for admission. We’ll talk about what that process means, and the prospect of indie developers paying for the place on the store.

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