Yosha Noesjirwan (Inflatality), the end of Good Game & sequels that change direction

Wacky wobbly noodlemen deathmatches in Inflatality by Hojo Studios and Deepforged Studios

February 3, 2017 9:00 AM
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This week we’re talking games style changes, when games change certain elements of their art style, gameplay mechanics or story tone. This comes of the back of a recent Kotaku article telling gamers to “Not take Ghost Recon Wildlands Seriously”, referring to the apparent style changes of the new tittle.


We’re also joined by YoshaNoesjirwan the 3D artist and animator behind Inflatality. It has taken the combined effort of both Hojo Studioand Deepforge Studio to bring this quirky, physics based fighter to life. Yosha ran through the process of bringing the Wavers to life and granting them the skills take the fight from the car yard to your TV.

t has been a sad week of Australian games media as it was announced earlier that ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has dropped the guillotine on their flag ship gaming show Good Game. For more than a decade Good Game was Australia’s only show dedicated to games in our mainstream media. We have been following this story very closely and are very sad to see it go. We wish everyone who worked on Good Game the best of luck for the future.

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