Jack Knobel (Kieru), the last console generation & online platforms to success

Move through light and shade in ninja deathmatch game Kieru, Jack Knobel joins us this week to share how he and Pinefire Studios made it.

January 26, 2017 11:00 AM
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We’re back with more console talk, this time focusing on the importance of good player networking features. In the past console generation Microsoft ruled this domain with it Xbox Live Gold but Sony’s game has been strong with the PS4’s PlayStation Plus service. With players now expecting robust solid ways to communicate with each other while they game, Nintendo’s proposed solutions to this issue has us scratching our heads.


You like stealth? Multiplayer? Ninjas? Then you might wanna stick around to hear Jack Knobel from Pinefire Studios talk about his game Kieru. Kieru lets you take control of one of two ninja clans that can hide in either the light or the dark to do battle and dance the dance of assassination.

Rumour has it that we have seen the last of consoles as we know it. With representatives from Sony and Microsoft both hinting that they’ll be changing up the release pattern for their machines. And with the PlayStation Pro on the market and the Scorpio right around the corner the shoe seems to fit pretty well.

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