Alberto Santiago (Goat Punks), Twitch IRL + the end of region locking

Bounce your way to the top of the tower with Alberto Santiago developer of Goat Punks a hilarious local multiplayer game where you battle to see who is king of the mountain.

January 19, 2017 9:15 AM
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Up first today like almost everyone on the net we’re talking Nintendo Switch news. With the new system casting aside the region locking of its predecessors we will soon be able to indulge in the dating sims and abstract JRPGs that have been kept out of our reach due to pesky region based DRM.


We are also joined by Alberto Santiago, the creative director of the brand new multiplayer competitive tower climbing game Goat Punks. With a history of big projects under his belt Alberto is now striking out on his own with this latest project. He was kind enough to share some production stories on the eve of his game’s release.

Streaming website Twitch has recently launched a new channel they have dubbed IRL, the aim of this new category see’s to expand the time streamers spend with their broadcast on. IRL encourages streaming personalities to keep their cameras rolling even after they put their controllers down, bringing their viewers along and sharing their everyday lives but in turn drastically lengthening the time that they spend on stream

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