Jack Condon (Kept), streamer sponsor transparency & trade sanction shutdowns

Enter the immersive narrative world of Kept with lead developer Jack Condon from Sydney's S1T2.

November 25, 2016 9:00 AM
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Late last month gamers using EA’s Origin store found themselves locked out of the service and denied access to all of their games they had bought. Did you miss this story? That’s because it happened in Myanmar, and was supposedly as a response to international trade sanctions. What happens when the games you’ve paid for disappear?


We also had a chat to Jack Condon from S1T2, he’s the lead developer of their first game Kept. We spoke about the differences between making games for clients versus making them under your own direction and the challenges and advantages of working in an indie space. In development for the past four months, Kept is an exploration of the kind of stories that can be told using the VR medium.

Earlier this year Warner Brothers settled a case with the US Federal Trade Commission over the disclosure of paid commentary created by YouTuber Pewdiepie. EA have just released their new rules regarding disclosure and transparency for Youtubers and other influencers. There are some clear guidelines that everyone must now follow when uploading content featuring EA games. We discuss the nature of paid content, and when new media runs into older media rules.

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