Tom Booker & Lincoln Flintoft (Barking Irons), Facebook’s Gameroom & “Australia Tax”

Quick draw swipe shooter Barking Irons is a pixelly western adventure perfect for playing on the go, and Tom & Lincoln from Sleepyhead Studios join us this week to talk about how it came together.

November 17, 2016 9:00 AM
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This week we’re talking Facebook and Unity’s new gaming initiative, Facebook Gameroom. Aiming to break into the digital delivery marketplace Gameroom is moving your mum’s favourite in browser titles to a Steam like collection and curation program on your desktop.

We are also joined by Tom Booker and Lincoln Flintoft from Sleepyhead Studios. These Sydney based developers are behind the mobile arcade shooter Barking Irons.  Borrowing from the style of other arcade shooters such as Time Crisis and Big Game Hunter, Barking Irons compacts that experience into a hand held form you can put in your pocket. Tom, Lincoln and the rest of Sleepyhead Studios are rocking the Tom Selleck mos for Movember as well, and you can support their efforts here.

The long debated premium that Australians pay for their games or “Australia Tax” has been a talking point since games became a thing in this country. The issue was addressed by Major Nelson himself at PAXAUS earlier this month. With demand for games at an all-time high and the price hike seemly here to say we have chat about what can be done and why we pay more in the first place.

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