Ken Johnson (Starlost), game currency laundering & mysterious treasure hunts

Blast your way through space with Western Australian made shooter Starlost, and developer Ken Johnson joins us in the studio live!

October 21, 2016 9:00 AM
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Nothing inspires gamers more than a mystery. There is something about a digital treasure hunt, that brings players together and fosters community. We’ll be exploring the games that are littered with  hidden content that require players to go the extra mile for the spoils, and the obscured mysteries that capture the attention of players.


Ken Johnson from Hoodwinked Studios joined us this week to talk about his game Starlost. We asked ken about what it takes to design a game for mobile and taking the traditional tower defence formula, and turning into something unique. You can find the Alpha version of Starlost on Google Play.

Just like all good things games have always had the possibly misused, in recent time sadly some people have been using certain in-game economies to launder illegal money. By buying and selling in-game currency cyber criminals to “clean” real money than can be then used to fund other damaging assets. Gamers are often the targets of these scams, as reports show they aren’t that careful with their online habits.  

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