Mike De Piazzi (Final Days), Oculus Rift Boycott & Predatory in-app purchases

Mike De Piazzi joins us to talk all about his multiplayer top-down shooter Final Days!

September 30, 2016 9:00 AM
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The limit to what developers can add onto their games after launch is being pushed further and further with each title release. Now many games are entering the market for free and charging players for pieces of the game. The purchases players make can start to quickly add up often totalling more than the cost of a full retail game. Buying so many small in game items can get out of control for some gamers. For our first topic this week we take a look at the free to play model and the potential minefield micro transactions.


This week we have Michael Di Piazzi from +7 Software live in the studio with us. He’s here to talk about his new game Final Days. Developed right here in Perth by Michael himself Final Days is a top down zombie survival shooter. Michael shared the process of constructing the multiplayer shooter and the value of a strong player base. Final Days will be released on the Steam Greenlight program on the 3rd of October 2016 you can find out more about Final Days at where you can also download the demo!

Lots of us have had the chance to experience VR in one way of another. With the technology in its infancy neither of the major players can afford any bad press right now. Despite this Palmer Luckey has landed himself a boat load, with evidence that Luckey funding certain pro-Trump propaganda groups many virtual reality game developers have vowed to not support the Oculus with their titles. We take a look at the bigger picture and what this move means for the technology and the industry and whether or not a boycott is the way to resolve this issue. 

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