Henry Sham (OzHadou Fighting Games Community), games in education & League of Legends pay disputes

Button masher or frame perfect warrior, fighting games are a big deal to Henry Sham from OzHadou, the biggest fighting game community in Australia.

September 2, 2016 10:00 AM
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If you were like me you were probably told off in class for playing games on your calculator, especially if you weren’t in maths. Today we’re exploring the use of games in education and how serious games can be used to teach concepts in engaging ways. The mechanics of gaming are even being applied to the classroom, with the gamification of lessons. How can games help people learn, and what can we learn from games to teach better?


If you’ve fought it out against your friends over games like Street Fighter II or Tekken you’ll know the feeling of lighting fast reflexes, or in my case randomly mashing buttons. Some of the world’s best fighting game players descended on Sydney to take part in the OzHadou Nationals 14, an annual event where every microsecond counts. Henry “Genxa” Sham, Tournament Organiser and Brand Manager of OzHadou joined us this week to talk about community, competition and congratulations. Head to OzHadou for more information on their monthly events.

Finally Riot Games, maker of the exceeding popular League of Legends has had a public stoush with some of the bigger eSports teams that make up their competitive scene. Following an interview by eSports team owner Andy Dinh, AKA TSMReginald, criticising the way Riot handles updates and patches to LoL, co-founder of Riot Marc Merril questioned the professionalism and pay that players are receiving from teams like Regi’s Team SoloMid. With teams falling on either side of the equation and restrictions on the ways that teams can make money, we explore the value of work for eSports players and teams, and whether or not they are being paid adequately for their time.

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