Steve Heller (Surprise Attack Games), console hardware updates & Indie vs AAA price expectations

Steve Heller of "Indie games label" Surprise Attack Games joins us to talk about what it takes to get an indie game off the ground.

August 18, 2016 9:00 AM
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Live across the internet Steve Heller joins us, he’s Community Manager and Production Coordinator for indie publishing label Surprise Attack Games. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get all these Aussie indie games off the ground? Steve happily show us the ins and outs of indie game publishing. You can check out the growing stable of games Surprise Attack offer at


Most console owners dream of buying one machine and sticking with it for the long run. Even our Mitch doesn’t have the patience to constantly look for new graphics cards or hunt for driver updates. With confirmation that both Sony and Microsoft will be prepping new mid-cycle revamps to their respective consoles are the hardware developers wanting us to update more frequently? With the Xbox One S already on the shelves, and Xbox One Scorpio and the PS4 NEO somewhere over the horizon we asked what this means for those of us who’ve been happy updating their console every 5 or so years.

Indie games are a particular favourite of the Pixel Sift team, and we took advantage of Steven’s knowledge from the inside of the publishing side of the fence to pick his brain about the differences between the indie and triple A marketing machines. We asked about expectations, and how that translates to pricing and where that machine might take us if we jump on.

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