Wade K. Savage (Skourge Legacy), rumours + fact checking, and CSGO community challenges

Toys, nostalgia and retro games, that's the goal with Skourge Legacy by director Wade K. Savage. Wade rose to fame with fan film Fallout: Lanius

April 28, 2016 9:00 AM
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This week we look at video game rumours reported by the mainstream media outlets,  and when popular news sites fall into the trap of reporting on speculation without fact checking. Reddit user el2mador confessed this week to tricking some of the biggest video game sites on the web with their glitch in “The Division.” Is the 24-hour news cycle causing journalists to skimp on fact checking and verification?


We spoke to Fallout: Lanius creator Wade K. Savage this week and Wade told us about the challenges of filming a Fallout based short film in Perth. He also spoke about his new project Skourge Legacy, a new franchise spanning the mediums of television, toys and a videogame. You can watch Fallout: Lanius on YouTube here, or follow the progress of Skourge Legacy over on Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly we examine the underground gambling culture within Counter Strike Global Offensive. Players are using the mechanics of the game to trade weapon skins for real world money independently of Valve’s in-game trading system. These unofficial gambling avenues have no age restriction, and it means teenagers and children are able to gamble their money away. In an effort to address problems like this Valve has implemented a new type of matchmaking, with verification of personal information, which will hopefully stop people from creating fake accounts and being hacked. Will this help curb the problem and help create a better fairer online community? 

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