Dan Clayton (Blockpocalypse), game emulation and piracy + DRM.

Jump ever higher in this platformer at the end of the world in Blockpocalypse by Dime Studios! Dan Clayton joins us this week to talk all about his local multiplayer party game.

March 24, 2016 9:00 AM
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If you want to play a game from a previous gen, there are many options available for gamers. One these options is emulation, this week on Pixel Sift the guys dive into emulation culture and why the technology is so popular for introducing new audiences to old games, and for playing old games in new ways. Though sometimes the games aren’t all that old…


We also caught up with the one of the creators of Blockpocalypse, Dan Clayton from Dime Studios. He told us all about the process of building on the foundation of a Global Game Jam project and how his game can unite and divide friendships at the very beginning of the world’s fiery end. You can find the original version of the game (called Ablockalypse) on the Global Game Jam 2015 site, and the game is planned for early access later this year.

Lastly we tackle game piracy and take a look at some of the innovative methods developers use to protect their IP from being stolen. As time has gone by it seems the Digital Right management has become the staple in protecting games from piracy however many developers have come up with other creative ways to stop people from taking their games. Gianni, Mitch and Scott run through of their favourites.

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