Matt Comi (Space Age), Cross-platform multiplayer & ownership of digital goods

Matt Comi works with a team spread throughout the world at Big Bucket software and joins us this week to talk about his newest game Space Age, a retro inspired point and click

March 17, 2016 9:00 AM
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Digital delivery is becoming the preferred option for more people, but even though we pay real money for these products, are they really ours? Can we pass these games or digital goods to another person? We explore this topic off the back of a Twitch Partner losing their account in a division of assets after a divorce. There may be more questions than answers however. 


This week we had the opportunity to speak to Perth based developer Matt Comi of Big Bucket. Matt filled us in on two of his games “The Incident” and “Space Age” as well as how the development process differed between the two titles. Matt also gave us some insight on how the indie dev scene has changed over time as well as how to make an in depth game for a mobile device.

We also address the news that Microsoft has announced that cross-platform multiplayer connectivity will be possible between their Xbox Live network and any other network that chooses to join them. How will this change the online game-play? Will the impact of keyboard and mouse interfaces tip the playing field in competitive multiplayer? What is Microsoft’s motivation behind the sudden progressive attitude?

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