Robert Bruce & Chris Parkin (The future of VR), spiritual successors, and cash for reviews 💵➡️🎮👍

What does the future hold for virtual reality? Two developers making projects for VR join us this week, Robert Bruce of Immersia VR and Chris Parkin of Offpeak Games look into their virtual crystal balls.

March 3, 2016 9:00 AM
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Reviews are a big part of the games industry, love them or loathe them. In some excellent reporting Phil Iwaniuk from PCgamesN discovered that the site Fiverr is being used to solicit cash for positive user reviews. We look at how reviews from both the professionals and players have an impact on the games we play.


With the HTC Vive preorder opening up this week we spoke to a couple of local devs about the potentials of the technology and where they thing the future lies. Robert Bruce from Immersia VR and Chris Parkin of Offpeak Games (who we spoke to in Episode 14) gave us their two cents and and broke down some of the challenges and potentials of the technology that is currently the talk of the town.

Finally we looked back into the annals of time and pulled into the present day some games inspired by the games we loved growing up. We look at spiritual successors such who take the core idea of a game and rebuild it for a new (or possibly the same) audience. There are plenty of great examples out there and we look at why these games get made and who they get made for.

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