Louis Roots, Sof Mather & Kate Raynes-Goldie (LEVEL ONE Co-Working space), re-release double standards & learning to play games

Game development in Western Australia has a brand new home with the opening of LEVEL ONE a collaboration with SK Games and FTI.

February 25, 2016 9:00 AM
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Today on the show we look at the double standard of annually released games. Why is it that gamers are so quick to criticize franchise A, when franchise B is given a free pass?  With some of the major franchises moving away from yearly release cycle are we seeing a shift in the way games are sold, and does gamer expectation play a big part?


Gianni also had the chance to talk to Sofie Mather and Louis Roots both of SK Games and Kate Raynes-Goldie of FTI who run the brand new LEVEL ONE co-working space n the Perth CBD. They have a chat about what LEVEL ONE is all about and how their organisation is helping WA developers move from hobby to full-time game development. We also chat about the state of funding in WA for aspiring game devs and fighting the brain drain.LEVEL ONE is officially launching March 3rd 2016, with free tours throughout the day and a launch party in the evening. 

Finally we look at how we’re taught how to play games, that’s right we’re talking about how in game instruction works in modern games versus the 50 page manuals of old. What makes a good tutorial or intro, and what are some things that should be avoided when teaching people to navigate their game world.

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