Fabian Malabello (The Otherworld Agency) & “good” bad games

Music can make or break a game and Fabian Malabello joins us this week to talk all about his work with The Otherworld Agency.

February 18, 2016 9:00 AM
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First up on Pixel Sift this week, we have a look at some of the recent data gathered by Quantic Foundry on how gamers attitudes toward games change as they get older, with the ESA reporting that the average gamer is now 35. It would seem that the motivations of gamers change as they progress down life’s long road. Where do you think your gaming career will be in thirty years time?

Scott sat down with Fabian Malabello, the Director of The Otherworld Agency about song writing and sound the power of sound design in games. He also was kind enough to give us some links to resources that can help aspiring video game song writers and sound designers get into the industry. If you are starting out you can head to Game Audio 101 for some great starting advice. Once you’ve been therejump on over to the FMOD user group or WWISE user group both on Facebook where people with experience using these programs can help you out. Finally make sure you grab yourself a copy of Unity 5 and Audio Toolkit.

Finally we polish off our twentieth episode with a chat about some of the games that could have been made better but we love them all the same, we discuss the likes of Duke Nukem, the original South Park and QWOP just to name a few. Did any of ours make your list? Do you think some games missed out?

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