Joshua Meadows (GX Australia), RTXAU recap and the cost of gaming

Joshua Meadows is bringing popular LGBTIQ convention GX to Australia and joins us to tell us all about their crowdfunding campaign.

January 28, 2016 9:00 AM
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This week we look at the cost of being a gamer. Like all hobbies there is a financial cost as well as a time cost. We break down some of the numbers about the game value proposition. Is it more expensive to be a gamer than ever before? When does gaming become too expensive a hobby?

We spoke to Joshua Meadows organiser of Sydney Gaymers, and co-director of the brand new convention for LGBT gamers, GX Australia. We talked all about why a general gaming convention might not be as comfortable for some people and what planning an event like this meant. The first GX Australia will be held at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of February 2015. You can find out more information on the special guests attending, and where to get tickets on the GX Australia website .

Mitch is back from RTX Australia, another US convention that’s made it’s debut on Aussie shores. Spawned from the minds of those creative folks at Rooster Teeth, we recap everything you might have checked out at the event.

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