Lisa Rye & Brendan Ragan (Freedom Fall), Gambling in eSports, Musicians making games

You've been locked in a tower by a princess and you've got to use your skills to drop through layers of traps in Stirfire's Freedom Fall.

January 22, 2016 9:00 AM
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The sporting world had been rocked by a gambling scandal with tennis players in the UK fixing matches to alter the odds in gambling. eSports players aren’t immune to the lure of bribes to manipulate the outcomes of matches. We look at how eSports and betting cross over and how people can be tempted to take a less than honest path.


We spoke to Lisa Rye and Brendan Ragan from Stirfire Studios, the makers of Freedom Fall . One of the first Australian devs to be greenlit on Steam, we asked about the lessons they had learnt and things to watch out for. We also spoke about their upcoming game Debug, a platformer where you glitch the game to win. This interview features some of the music from Freedom Fall by the talented Paramorph, make sure you check them out on Bandcamp.

Finally we look and listen to the games that some of our favourite musicians lent their creative talents to such as Omikron: The Nomad Dream by the late David Bowie and Quantic Dream (of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls). Musicians have had a bigger role in gaming than you might think!

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