Aranda Morrison & Mark Mennell (Square Heroes), Game Clones & Games and the Law

Float through arenas as cartoon cubes with guns in Square Heroes by Gnomic Studios. Aranda and Mark join us this week to talk all about making their game.

January 14, 2016 9:00 AM
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This week we look at when games get cloned. Blink and you may have missed it but, but a sequel to one of the biggest games in the world came out and was quickly pulled. Minecraft 2 raced to the top of the charts, but it was a dodgy clone cashing in on the Minecraft name. We look at some famous clones and ripoff games. Such as the gem Super Noah’s Ark 3D, or the over 60 Flappy Bird clones that hit the App Store every day.


We got up bright and early and we spoke to those lovely chaps at Gnomic Studios about their game Square Heroes. We talked to Aranda Morrison and Mark Mennell about bringing their game to Playstation 4, selling their game as a bundle and managing a fledgling multiplayer community.

Finally some over zealous lawyers from Sony decided to try trademark the term “Let’s Play”. We talk about some legal decisions that changed the way games were made and played. The High Court was brought in to rule on what Australians could do with their Playstation consoles, setting a legal precedent.

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