Ben Chevalier (Butter Royale) & The myth of the lone gamer

Have the food fight of your life in the family friendly Butter Royale by Singapore's Mighty Bear Games.

April 18, 2020 2:30 PM
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Ben Chevalier is the Art Director at Mighty Bear Games in Singapore the studio behind Butter Royale. Butter Royale is a food fight battle royale for all ages for iOS devices, with a top down isometric experience that is designed to be as accessible as possible.

The stereotype of the lone gamer has been touted by mainstream media for the longest time, but with much of the world forced to distance themselves from one another physically, those that have found games have never been more connected and even former critics like the World Health Organisation are on board.

Pixel Sift is produced by Mitch Loh, Scott Quigg, Sarah Ireland, Fiona Bartholomaeus, Daniel Ang & Adam Christou. Gianni Di Giovanni is our Executive Producer. Thanks to Salty Dog Sounds for some of our promo music.

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